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Plate chain conveyor Plate chain conveyor Plate chain conveyors meet the beverage labeling, filling, cleaning and other separate transport equipment requirements, also can make the single into a multi-column and walk slowly, resulting in storage capacity to meet the sterilization machine, bottle storage units, cold bottles the requirements of a large number of feed machine, we can head to the tail of the two chain plate conveyor chain made of a mixture of overlapping, making bottles (cans) excessive body in a dynamic state, the conveying line does not stay the bottles to meet air bottles and bottles of real pressure and stress-free delivery.Chain plate material: carbon steel, stainless steel, thermoplastic chain, according to the needs of your product can select different widths and different shapes of the chain plate to complete the transport plane, the plane turning, lifting, lowering and other requirements.Chain plate Specifications: Straight transfusion chain plate width by the 63.5,82.5,101.6,114.3,152.4,190.5,254,304.8; turning chain plate width of 82.5,114.3,152.4,190.5,304.8.Applications: Widely used in food, canned food, medicines, beverages, cosmetics and cleaning supplies, paper products, spices, dairy and tobacco automatic transmission, distribution, and after-delivery package wiring.1, chain conveyor conveying surface flat and smooth, small friction between the material in the conveyor line transition smooth, can deliver all types of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other materials, but also transport all kinds of bags.2, chain plates are stainless steel and plastic and other materials, a wide variety of specifications, according to the choice of transportation of materials and process requirements, to meet the needs of different industries.3, transmission capacity, can carry large loads, such as for electric cars, motorcycles, generators and other industries;4, the conveying speed accuracy and stability, to ensure accurate synchronous transmission.5, the chain conveyor can generally be directly rinsed with water or soak in water. Equipment easy to clean, to meet the food and beverage industry hygiene requirements.6, equipment layout and flexible. You can finish the level in a transmission line, tilt and turn delivery.7, the device structure is simple, easy maintenance. More
Power roller conveyor Power roller conveyor Technical parameters: power roller conveyor motor for power driven roller to complete the transfer, applicable to all types of boxes, and pallets and other pieces of cargo transport, bulk materials, small items or irregular items should be placed in the tray or container conveyor. Power roller conveyor mainly by the roller, legs, stretched, driving device and a speed control device, adjusting foot parts. Is easy to connect the filter between the power roller conveyor, can be used a number of roller lines and other transportation equipment or plane composition complex logistics delivery system, needed to complete the process in many aspects. Can use the product to put roller material accumulation conveyor. Power roller conveyor applicable to the bottom Optional one of the most widely used in the plane is the goods delivery, can realize many varieties of triage line transmission characteristics. With conveying capacity, portable transportation, convenient maintenance and other characteristics, is the conveyor type. The frame material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and so on. Roller material: carbon steel galvanized, chrome plated carbon steel, carbon steel, plastic bags, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, PVC, ABS and so on. Roller conveyor chain conveyor, double chain conveyor, "O" conveyor belt. Custom power roller conveyor, please call or please confirm the following technical parameters:1. Transport object length, width and height;2, each a conveying unit Quantity;3, the bottom of the conveyor;4, there is no special work environment on the requirements (such as humidity, high temperature, chemical impact, etc.); 5, conveyor transmission speed;6, other special custom requirements; More
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Shanghai Law Yiu Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in transportation equipment R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the high-tech automation equipment manufacturing company.The company is strong in technology,has a group of experienced design engineers,in the drum line, belt line, plate chain, network chain line, speed chain hoist, hanging chains and equipment accessories, etc. with leading manufacturers in the industry design and manufacturing standards.Our equipment products are widely used in food, beverage, milk, daily necessities, medicine, cosmetics, electrical, logistics, chemical, coal, scrap, warehousing and other fields,we sincerely treat every customer,dedication to customers to design the most reasonable engineering solutions,to help customers take full advantage of the company's space and human resources,improve the company's productivity,products throughout the countries,and with our customers.

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